Crutch Glasses A Boon for Ptosis Patient

Ptosis is an eye disorder that causes drooping of the upper eyelids. In a few cases, this is a cosmetic problem, but in other cases, eyelid blocks part or all of your vision. Opticians can create specific glasses to treat this problem, by a device called “CRUTCH GLASSES”.

What are Crutch Glasses?

It is a nonsurgical option that involves adding an attachment permanently to the frames of your glasses. They hold your upper eyelid in place, and also out of your field of eyesight, but only while you’re wearing your crutch glasses.

The most simple crutch glasses are wires that are fixed to the top edges of your glasses. A cushioning layer is also added to the wire for the patient’s comfort. Crutches can be fixed on nearly all types of eyeglasses, but they work best with metal frames but it goes well with plastic frames as well.

How Does the Crutch Glasses Work?

Crutch Glasses will hold your eyelids out of your field of vision as long as you’re wearing your glasses, but they are a temporary solution. When you take your glasses off, your eyelids will be back to their original position.

Currently, there are no manufactures offering built-in eye crutch, but it can be easily added to your existing glasses also, make sure you get it done by a professional so it won’t damage your eyelid on a long run.

What are the types Of Crutch Glasses?

There are generally two different types of crutch glasses to choose from – the adjustable & the reinforced option.

The adjustable eye crutch is attached to one side of the frame i.e the nasal side. The benefit of the adjustable eye crutch is it easily adjusts the size, while the reinforced option is attached to both sides of the frame, making it much more durable and is still slightly adjustable upwards and downwards.

Are Crutch Glasses Comfortable?

The comfort of the crutch glasses totally depends on the fit, which is why it’s very important that it should be installed by a trained professional.

However, most of the crutches come with a plastic-coated finish to protect against allergy & also provide a comfortable fit.

If Ptosis is left untreated, it can cause a permanent vision damage. The vision in the affected eye can worse and even can lead to blindness (especially in children). Also, the unaffected eye can also be damaged because it is being forced to do all the work all the time.

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