What are the general causes of Artificial Eye discomfort?

Some patients of the artificial eye who are quite comfortable in the beginning can become uncomfortable after a period of time & Almost everyone has had painful eyes at some interval. But, It is also a sign of something more serious. There are several conditions, combinations or any of one which can cause trouble with your artificial eye.

Artificial Eye Discomfort:

There is always a risk of infection after your artificial eye surgery & due to infection; eye discomfort can become irritating, But it usually isn’t serious and goes away once you rest your eyes or take other actions to overcome your eye discomfort.

Once you start using your artificial eye, you may feel temporary discomfort in your eye. But, In some cases; there are some of the general causes of artificial eye discomfort that are mentioned below.

General Causes:

  • Dry mucus on Eye:

    Some of cases eyelids do not close entirely over prosthesis during sleep will have a partially dried on the front of the artificial eye. This can be cleaned without removing artificial eye by rolled up a good quality facial tissue washed with warm water.

    Those eyelids that close entirely can have a very slow build-up of mucus which can start as a thin layer that can rarely be seen. This can make the surface of the eye just rugged enough to irritate the underside of the eyelids as they blink. In such a case; Prosthetic Eye should be removed carefully.

  • Viral & Bacterial infections:

    Bacterial infection is caused by bacteria that infect the eye & viral infection usually creates a watery discharge. Usually, the infection causes in one eye and promptly spreads to the other eye. The eye socket muscles around the artificial eye can also be infected. It is easily distinguished by discomforts and yellow-greenish discharge.

  • Impacts of Common Colds:

    With the common cold, you may feel discomfort as your eye is infected by viral infections. It is generally distinguished by swollen eyelids, white, or yellow discharge from your eyes.

  • Eye Allergy:

    Inadequately kept artificial eyes or eyes made of cold cure acrylic can cause trouble in the eye socket & produces eye discomfort. So always consult an ocularist for a completely cured artificial eye to prevent eye allergies.

  • Foreign-body sensation in the eyelids:

    An eyelash can be split off and be brought into the socket while replacing the artificial eye. Dust or larger particles can move into the eye socket. All can create discomfort requiring removal and cleaning.

  • Scratches on the Artificial Eye:

    Dust in the air can get into the tear film of the eye and rubbing the eyelids during blinking can diminish the polish of the surface of the prosthetic. Dropping the eye on hard surfaces can cause rather deep scratches. These flaws can cause annoyance to the underside of the eyelids which leads to eye discomfort.

There is some eye discomfort with the prosthetic eye & one can overcome the causes of eye discomfort by selecting the proper artificial eye as well as consulting expert ocularist such as ModernArtEye.

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